At Blooming Grove Rec Center

Five years ago I came across Gami at another Zumba class I was attending, and she came to do a routine with us. Holy smokes this lady has some energy, and she so inspired me then and now five years later she is still inspiring me. She is strong inspirational and caring. Luv her, luv all the classes she offers, so excited to be a part of it and look forward to every week! The best part of all is how great I feel and the results are just amazing. STRONG HEALTHY HAPPY, and just amazing people we all have come across and become ONE. Because we can,  come join us and see how inspired you will feel too.

Jessica Papasidero

The studio offers classes that fit my needs better than any other studio has. I look forward to the classes; they're high energy, fun and a great workout. So happy I joined and I would recommend for anybody interested in working on their health and fitness goals to come join too!

Karalene Seenes

ForeverFitWithGami is THE place to be if you want to get serious about your health and fitness goals. I have been coming to the studio for 8 months and I have never felt healthier or stronger. Gami is incredibly motivating and encouraging, and will truly make you believe that you can reach any goal you set. 

Fitness is my life…

The physical, nutritional, and spiritual combined together are what makes me who I am. I am Gamiani Penaherrera, but you can call me Gami. In my country of origin, the Dominican Republic, I was always active. I was a long distance runner and was part of the volleyball team. I came to the United States in the early 90’s, where I met and married my wonderful husband. He was a professional soccer player. We have two fantastic boys who also play soccer. This led me to become a soccer coach. Soccer is truly a game our entire family loves. Building upon my love for soccer and running, I incorporated weight training into my routines. This led me to become a certified Zumba Instructor. My thirst for total fitness grew, and I became certified in Zumba Toning, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training),Tabata Bootcamp, LesMills Body Pump, and Piloxing. I am also certified in CPR.

 Good nutrition is preventive medicine. I believe in order to be truly "fit" you need to be nutritionally, physically, and spiritually engaged. The most important goal of mine is to educate, empower, and motivate my clients with the knowledge that they need to help improve their eating habits which leads to overall well being.

Music is in my blood! It is a spiritual healer, motivator, and an extremely fun way to get moving! I always use music in my classes. It is a part of me. The louder the better! I am always very excited to be on the cutting edge of physical fitness! I am continually developing my fitness skills to provide you with a well-rounded program that fits your needs. So come join me, improve your health, and feel great! You will be hooked.

I truly believe I was born to do this, not only to help people look better, but to help them become stronger. I want to help people feel proud of themselves inside and out!

I have been going to Gami’s for five years now and have never felt happier and healthier than I do now! When you start thinking that it’s time to do something to keep yourself young, fit and healthy then you find something that will work for you that you will stick with… such as I have found with going to Gami’s studio. I’ve lost a lot of weight, I’ve become more toned, I love the classes, I have more energy and my doctor is very pleased with the changes in my health which is going in a positive direction. There are a variety of classes, the ladies that go there are wonderful and Gami will give you help and direction to meet your goals. Your health and happiness is very important, so come to Gami’s to see all that’s available to you….do it for you because you are worth it every single day! 

Jennifer Papasidero


About Me, Gami.


Kathy Mcgrath

Gami is one of a kind, not only the best instructor EVER, but a true, genuine inspiration to everyone she meets. Her infectious smile, energetic style and passion for results is what keeps me coming back for more. 5 years in fact!

Lisa Flynn