Because we ALL  Can

Meal Planning. So many of us want to eat well, but it can be overwhelming. I will provide a 30 or 60 minute session where I can tailor a meal plan that is right for you. This will include  follow up sessions, as needed.

During this time:

  • I will listen to what your fitness goals are.
  • You will tell me what you eat on a regular basis. I need honesty here!
  • You will tell me what you think about your eating habits.
  • You will highlight your own strength  and your weakness in your food choices.
  • We will discuss what you want to accomplish.
  • You will define what you love and what you hate to eat.

I will work with all information you provide to me to create a meal plan that is not only based on you, but that will help you specifically  reach your goal with success.

Health & Fitness